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Inspire Bellydance is one of Sydney’s fastest-growing and most popular bellydance schools. With venues in 6 locations across Sydney and suburbs, beginner and intermediate classes as well as Zumba Fitness / Zumba Gold, there’s something for everyone.

Rachel and her team love sharing the joy of dance with students of all ages, backgrounds, sizes and shapes. Our students range in age from 4 to 91 years! Private classes are available as well. Please visit the Inspire Bellydance website for all the details. Quick links here:

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Rachel also sponsors events with major international teachers and performers. The next big upcoming event is…

Journey Through Egypt

“Journey Through Egypt” is a course that Sahra Saeeda has developed, based on her 35+ years of research into Egyptian dance. Her name is probably familiar to you from the music she’s produced, including several classic CDs recorded with her Cairo orchestra.

As well as dancing in Egypt for years, Sahra has a Masters in Dance Ethnology and worked/studied for years alongside Farida Fahmy and Mahmoud Reda. She continues to travel to Egypt every year and uncover more little-known facets of the dance, often in regions or communities that are largely inaccessible to non-locals. In short, her knowledge and experience are unparallelled! I’ve been learning bellydance for 20 years (admittedly, not full time like her) and folklore for near on 15 years, and even just Level 1 of this course still taught me SO MUCH. (I travelled to Jakarta last year to take it.) It reinforced that I’ve barely scratched the surface. It was utterly fascinating, looking at all the different regions of Egypt and how the dance varies from the home-style dancers, to the big troupes, right through to how it’s represented on stage in Cairo. Sahra was – is – brilliant. So knowledgable, but also warm, funny, personable, and full of personal anecdotes that bring it all to life. Plus, many of us found that it helped to clarify our own key areas of interest and passion for the dance. It’s a course that I think every serious dancer, and definitely every teacher, should do. I wrote a review of it with a lot more detail; you might have seen it in a recent issue of Oasis magazine, and if you missed it, I’ve reproduced it here. (The full JtE course has 4 parts, each 20 hours. The first two are classwork, that’s what we are running here in Sydney. Levels 3 and 4 happen in Egypt and I’m so lucky to be doing those next year!)

Given all of this, I’m really excited to be co-hosting Sahra in Sydney for Levels 1 & 2 of the course as well as a workshop on Cairo style Oriental dance, and a gala show. It’s all happening in the upcoming September / October school holidays and it’s a combined project from me, Johara and Farrah troupe. 

Level 1 is running TWICE:

Level 2 (6-8 October) is full but we are taking a waiting list in case of cancellations.

Associated events:

Does it sound interesting to you? Please check out all the details online here: and let me know if you have any questions. I think you’d love it and gain so much knowledge from it, so I hope that you can participate.