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Add colour and sparkle to your event with a professional Belly Dancer!

The combination of glamour and elegance with culture and tradition makes for a wonderful addition to any festive occasion or event where you want to impress your guests:

Our Belly Dancing performances are family-friendly and suitable for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. From small family gatherings at home to corporate events, we have a show format that will bring it to life.

“Thanks a lot for your excellent performance on last Sat night. Loved it to bits and will definitely recommend you to others.” – Yogeshni, March 2015

What does a show look like? How does it work?

A typical belly dance performance with Rachel is a mesmerising experience.

First, the lights are dimmed. Everyone hushes in expectation. The music starts to play…. And then the dancer bursts in to the room in an explosion of colourful veils! The first song is all about making an impact: swirling silk, tinkling finger cymbals, stunning costume, dramatic music, and superb dance skill to have everyone spellbound. The next song is when we start to involve the audience: perhaps starting with any guests of honour (bridal couple, birthday girl etc), then whoever else wants to have a go. Usually we’d include a sword balancing piece which always has everyone on the edge of their seat; and a high-energy drummy finale that shows off shimmies and all the intricate little moves which blow people’s minds. Altogether it’s about 20-25 minutes, that’s about 5-6 songs; though it can be longer or shorter according to your needs. Props are included to get people involved, and it will leave everyone on a real high!

We tailor it to your specific event. Choose whether you want a full stage show, or (more commonly) have some audience participation; you might even want guests to take part in a “So You Think You Can Belly Dance” competition!  

Costuming is always stunning, with glamorous Egyptian designer belly dance costumes that can be selected to co-ordinate with your event’s colour scheme. The range of styles spans classical to modern, elegant to cheeky. Full dresses are available to suit more conservative audiences, and folkloric costumes may also be requested. Take a look at some examples.

Music is chosen to be appropriate to your venue and the audience or client’s preference, usually including a combination of classical Arabic music and modern or pop music from the appropriate country. I’m even willing to take requests. Turkish, Persian, Egyptian, Lebanese, Greek, Gulf (Saudi / Emirates), Sudanese or Indian elements can be included on request. Also suitable for Assyrian, Armenian, North African and other cultural groups. My shows are very popular in the Indian community for birthdays, engagements, rice weaning ceremonies and other special events; I’m happy to dance on Bollywood songs too! Arabic folkloric elements such as Saidi stick dance, Dabke fusion, Shamadan (candelabra balancing, a traditional Egyptian wedding entrance) and khaleegy (Gulf dance) may also be included on request.

Let us make it easy for you.

Rachel is a professional. At every step of the way she will use her years of experience to guide you with the best way to arrange your space, schedule the evening etc for maximum effectiveness. If you don’t have essentials like good lighting and sound, we can even provide it to ensure that your event is a success.

Extra Options

Complement the standard show package with these optional extras.

  • Duet, trio or group of belly dancers
  • Shamadan (candelabra balancing) entrance – a traditional wedding dance
  • A real live snake!
  • Ethnic / folkloric dancers: Arabic (Egyptian and other), Brazilian (Samba) or Bollywood
  • Arabic drummers or band
  • Roving performers: dancers, fortune tellers and other Arabian characters
  • Circus performers, jugglers, magicians, hoop artists, fire breathers
  • Tarot and fortune tellers, palm and coffee cup readers – genuine and comic
  • Professional MCs – themed or comic
  • Professional DJs
  • Authentic Middle Eastern catering

We can even arrange real live camels!

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Need more convincing? Visit the Gallery page to view performance video clips.

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