About Rachel

Why choose Rachel as your Belly Dancer?

What you expect from a quality bellydancer:

  • AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT: your guests will be captivated and get involved
  • TECHNICAL SKILL: impress them with amazing moves, eye-catching props, and a variety of styles
  • APPEARANCE: a slim but curvy feminine figure, glamorous stage make-up, divine high-quality costumes to die for
  • PROFESSIONALISM & EXPERIENCE: let us help organise and make your event a success
  • VALUE-ADDS: we can bring a spotlight and sound system if needed, to make the show more effective
  • IT’S ALL ABOVE BOARD: No under-the-table dealings. Convenient safe payment systems with buyer protection, insurance certificates and tax invoices available
  • JOYFUL & FAMILY-FRIENDLY: Bellydance is a dance of celebration, and Rachel is all about sharing the joy!

Rachel is currently one of the top belly dancers in Sydney, in demand for performances of all sorts as well as classes and workshops around the country. She is a polished, dynamic performer with a diverse repertoire and a passion for engaging her audience. Her rich understanding of the dance, its culture and music shine through, and she is skilled in many styles of Middle Eastern dance as well as in the use of all the typical bellydancing props (finger cymbals / zil / sagat, veil, wings, stick / cane /assaya), and much more. No matter what your background – Lebanese, Egyptian, Iraqi, Turkish, Greek, Indian, or anything else – Rachel is experienced, professional and easy to work with, as the testimonials prove.

You can see Rachel belly dancing most Saturday nights 8pm at Kazbah Darling Harbour. She keeps her other time free for performances at private functions: wedding, birthdays and more.

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Award Winning Dancer:

  • Selected from 90 applicants worldwide to be in the cast for the first ever Bellydance Evolution in Australia – an international production featuring star bellydancers from the USA – for a spectacular theatre show.
  • Winner of the People’s Choice Award in the Australian Bellydance Competition, judged by famous Egyptian Belly Dancer Dina.
  • The Amera’s Palace Award recognised the consistently positive feedback given by customers, who commented on Rachel’s performance skill, professional manner, polished appearance and quality Egyptian costumes, happy and bubbly personality, and ability to make every party a success. The award also acknowledged Rachel’s commitment to the dance and respect for the culture, and her efforts in continually developing her skills by visiting Egypt to learn from the world’s top belly dancers, and attending master workshops with visiting teachers.

Rachel has been invited to perform and teach at events around Australia and in New Zealand.  As well as performing solo, Rachel also works with some of Sydney’s other best bellydancers to create duet, trio and even larger group shows for corporate events and weddings. She has appeared on television multiple times, including on Channel 9’s Today show. 

Rachel runs one of Sydney’s fastest growing belly dancing schools, Inspire! Bellydance, with classes in several locations around Sydney.

Rachel is passionate about developing her own artistry as well as working to improve the perception of Middle Eastern Dance in Australia. In addition to teaching classes and mentoring up-and-coming teachers and performers, she teaches workshops at dance festivals around Australia and was recently invited to teach in New Zealand. Meanwhile, Rachel continues to train both locally and overseas with the world’s top teachers. She was a long-term member of the Hathor Dance Theatre, a contemporary company focussing on high-level Bellydance and World Fusion; and continues to be a high profile, active member of Farrah ~ The Egyptian Dance Artists, an association dedicated to presenting a range of traditional and modern Egyptian dance forms. In addition, Rachel has extended her performance skills by training in acting and improvisation.

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Want to know more?

Middle Eastern people are often surprised that an “Aussie” would be interested in learning the dance of a different culture. Once she began learning about it, though, she found the culture fascinating, and the music intoxicating. Over the years she has been learning Middle Eastern Dance, it has gone from a hobby to a passion – her life is now devoted to helping other women discover the joy of dance. As Rachel says, “this dance is so rich! The more I learn, the more I discover remains to be learnt.

Rachel holds a PhD in Science and worked in research for several years at the University of Sydney before deciding to dedicate herself to dance and dance teaching.

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