Photo and Video Gallery

Here’s a sneak preview of the stunning belly dancing show you can book! These videos and photos display the range of dance styles, costumes, moods and formats offered for Rachel’s belly dance performances.

Remember, when booking a belly dancer for your event it’s essential to look at videos and make sure the dancer has the skills to impress your guests.

Video Gallery

These videos showcase Rachel’s versatility with a range of Egyptian and other bellydance styles, from traditional to modern. Some even include live music, from a single drummer to a whole band. Musicians can be booked to accompany Rachel’s bellydance show on request.

Check out my playlist of further videos on YouTube.


Studio Photos

Bellydance at its most glamorous. A huge range of costume colours and styles to choose from (and many more not photographed here); ranging from traditional folkloric styles and vintage looks to exciting contemporary designer outfits. What’s your favourite colour and style?
Please note these photos are copyright protected; contact us for permission to use them.

Performance Snapshots

Images from belly dancing performances at festivals, community events, weddings, birthdays and more, in Sydney and across Australia. Many thanks to the wonderful photographers who have captured these moments.

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